6 Email Design Trends to Watch

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6 Email Design Trends to Watch

It’s important to stay on top of email design trends and other factors that can affect how well your email marketing performs. Email design isn’t just limited to what’s in the inbox. It includes your call-to-action, the landing pages you send your customers to, and more. Pay close attention to the following email design trends:

Email is more visual – Due to Internet and smartphone technology, you can make your email messages more visual than ever before. You can include images and even video, making the email message that much more interactive and interesting to the reader.

Responsive design is a must – It’s more than just small screens. Your customers will use all types of screens to view your email marketing messages. Therefore, you must use a responsive design that allows your messages to respond to each screen your customers are using.

Optimize subject lines – The first thing that your subscribers will see is the subject line of your message. It should accurately describe what’s inside, but you also want it to cause your subscribers to click to read your message. The subject line “March newsletter” just won’t be very enticing.

Branding is essential – Email newsletter templates are great, but you still should personalize your email messages. Add your logo and other brand elements that will help readers identify that the message came from you. This includes the message design but also the return email address.

Develop a more connected writing style – Many email marketing messages lack style. Most of them really do seem like a robot wrote them. Let your personality show through in your email marketing messages so your customers can feel connected to you like a real person. Email marketing messages should read like a personal letter to a friend, not an article in a magazine.

Improve your website – While not directly related to your email messages, your website pages are very important because you provide links to these pages in your email messages. If your readers click through to a lackluster website – no matter how well designed, personalized, targeted, and focused your email message was – you’re going to miss out on conversions.

Designing email messages with real world users in mind will help you overcome barriers to getting your message out to the world. And a well designed email also make you look current, which will help your subscribers take notice.

It’s important to stay on top of email design trends. They can affect how well your email marketing performs. Pay close attention to these email design trends.

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