Client Testimonials

Ema Boykova Testimonial
“Teresa was very helpful and thorough. She completed the task in a timely manner and was very professional. I am very pleased with the final product.”


Shannon Clark Testimonial
“I recently had the opportunity to work with Teresa when I had a work overflow and needed immediate administrative support. Teresa was kind, professional, and easy to work with. She’s detail oriented, cares about the quality of her work and pleasing her client. I am very happy with her services and hope to use her again in the future.”


Leigh Lawson Testimonial
“When I decided to expand the outreach for my online Bible study, I knew that I could not do it on my own. Teresa listened to my ideas and made my vision happen. Her expertise in building my blog site has blessed me by simplifying the administration duties and creating a polished, professional online presence. I wholeheartedly recommend The Wordsmith VA.”


Christine Mullinax-Byerly testimonial
“I very recently used Teresa’s proofreading service for the first time on two transcripts that were somewhat of a headache for me from the beginning. I didn’t mention that to her and she never mentioned it to me. She just did an awesome job with them both and provided excellent service and advice. If you're looking for a great proofreader, she is the lady for you! 100 percent satisfied!”


Ann Pence Testimonial
“Following the retirement and resignation of two key associates at my manufacturing company, I was searching for administrative assistance. Writing isn’t my strength, and numerous projects requiring my attention presented themselves at a time when my focus needed to be elsewhere. I was watching a morning business program on TV when I learned about virtual assistance. Soon after, I was fortunate to find The Wordsmith VA. What a find it was! Teresa has been willing to tackle numerous assignments. She has kept me on track, and her follow-through and focus have allowed me to complete some difficult projects in a timely manner. I have been able to express my goals and expectations for communications in a rambling format, and she has organized and defined my work in such a way that others have commented that I present my thoughts so clearly and write so well. Knowing she’s there to assist has brought me peace of mind. In addition, she is delightful to work with and willing to discuss multiple challenges.”


Kellie Peterson Testimonial
“I started working with Teresa almost a year ago. She’s so easy to work with. She’s extremely accurate and precise, and I always feel confident turning in my finished transcripts. From medical to technical, oil, gas, and mining, I’ve always been absolutely impressed. And expedited jobs are never a problem for her. Thank you, Teresa. You make my life so much easier!”


Melissa Smith
“Working with Teresa was an absolute no-brainer. She came so highly recommended by one of my previous clients, I knew I would be hiring her for my summit when the time came. Teresa was not only excellent in her editing and proofreading abilities, but she also was professional about communicating her timeline and quickly returning work I sent based on the calendar we previously set up together. Communication was excellent, and I never wondered what my next steps were. Staffing virtual assistants of all kinds, I have a very high expectation – Teresa exceeds them all. I plan on hiring her again, and I give her my highest recommendation. From skills to professionalism to pricing she is the best. Period.”


TaShana Robinson Testimonial
“Thanks, Teresa, for your help with my resume. All the editing and formatting changes really paid off. I was submitting the same old tired resume and did not receive any leads. Once I started using your new, revised resume, I started receiving calls from potential employers. I also appreciate you explaining why you made some of the changes. It was like receiving a small English and language arts tutoring session. Your tips will help me in my job. I truly appreciate your work.”


Ariella Vasquez Testimonial
“Teresa has been an absolute pleasure to work with. She has consistently delivered a perfect transcript and always returns the work earlier than anticipated. She comes highly recommended!”


Jennifer Young Testimonial
“Teresa edited a few chapters of my novel for me. She was very thorough and in her edits while still preserving the message and character voices of my novel. She caught many other mistakes that a previous editor had not caught. I would highly recommend her.”