How to Convince Your Boss to Let You Work from Home

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Everyone wants a better work-life balance. Some jobs are better than others at allowing at least some work-life integration possibilities, but some business owners are slow to catch on. If you have a job that would be simple to do part-time from home, then you’re in a good position to convince your boss to let you work part-time from home. Follow these steps:

Figure out the logistics – Before even approaching your boss about the idea of working from home, you need to figure out whether it’s possible. What tools do you need at home that you have at the office? Are you willing to pay out of pocket and set this up for yourself, or are you going to ask your boss to foot the bill?

Provide a well though-out plan of action – If you can demonstrate exactly how everything will work, including showing up at meetings on time, then you’re half way there. Create a report for your boss about how you will complete each area of your job while you’re at home so he or she can visualize the potential.

Provide supportive research – Include supportive research that shows people who work from home at least part of the time are more productive, instead of less productive. Be ready to prove this by increasing your productivity when you’re given the opportunity to change your work location.

Develop a system – Put systems in place well in advance. Test them out before approaching your boss so you know they will work 100 percent. Ensure that you won’t have dead spots in your house when you answer your phone and that household sounds like the TV won’t interfere with important calls.

Provide assurances about required meetings – As long as meetings are planned in advance, there should be no issues about you attending them. But if your place of business often has last-minute meetings, that could be a problem. You could set up technology to help with this, but it will require help from others. Alternatively, if you live close to work, you can state that you can be at any meeting within an hour or two, if they’re important.

Call in sick – Prime your boss before approaching him or her by calling in sick but working from home while you’re sick. Just state that you don’t want to infect them, but you’ll get your normal work done from home. You can actually wait until you’re really sick to try this so that you won’t get into trouble for lying.

Ask for a trial run – After you present the idea to your boss, ask for a trial run. Recommend that you’ll work two days a week from home. Choose low meeting days or days when you’re typically working at your desk anyway. Then if you get the permission, do a great job.

Over deliver – Be prepared to up your game if you do get the go ahead to work from home. Make sure you find ways to connect with your boss and demonstrate that you’re still accomplishing your tasks. That way you won’t be seen as someone not even needed. Deliver more results once you’re home, and your boss will be pleased and maybe even make it possible for more people to work from home.

Working from home has its good sides and downsides, so be prepared to work out some kinks and perfect your systems as you go. Many bosses are keen on having some of their employees work from home these days, so why not you?

If you have a job that would be simple to do part-time from home, then you’re in a good position to convince your boss to let you work part-time from home. Follow these steps.

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